IMG_4375At Chatsworth Honey we offer a variety of sizes and flavours of honey. We also produce beeswax, make our own hand-dipped 100% beeswax candles, and sell maple syrup and beeswax based cosmetics.

The floral source of honey determines its colour and flavour. Sample our different varieties: Summer Flower, Autumn Blossom, Basswood and Buckwheat. Availability fluctuates and depends on the season. Check us out on facebook to see what we have on tap.

All our honey is unpasteurized. Our Ontario No. 1 honey is warmed gently and gravity strained through a screen cloth to remove beeswax and the odd bee’s knees. Our raw honey is double settled, unstrained, and freshly bottled after extracting. The only thing more natural is our comb honey, straight from the beehive.

Crystallization is a natural process and is expected over time. Creamed honey is simply crystallized honey with a very fine crystal structure  resulting in a creamy texture. All creamed honey can be returned to its liquid state with gentle heating.


Yes! We have farm gate sales. Come to the Honey House in Chatsworth. You can purchase honey off the shelf in sizes ranging from 250g jars to 14kg pails. Beginning in early August, with the honey harvest underway, you can bring your own containers and we can fill  them with freshly extracted honey right off the tap.  You save money, as well as finding a use for all those empty jars and tubs that usually end up in the blue box.

Click on the honey tab and scroll down to check out our different varieties. All natural flavours. Nothing added, nothing taken away.

Upcoming nuptials?  We fill small jars for wedding favours. Contact us for more information.