Queens & Nucs

ORHBS_logo(white-bg)Chatsworth Honey has been an active participant in the Ontario Resistant Honey Bee Selection (ORHBS) program for over 25 years. Gentle, winter hardy, great honey producers, Chatsworth Honey breeder queens are also selected based on top results in the liquid nitrogen test for hygienic behaviour.  We have been successful in maintaining our honey bee colonies using only organic acids to control mite populations, along with tried and true management techniques.

Chatty queens speak for themselves!

July 2021:   Nuc sales have ended for 2021. Chatty and Eccles queens and queen cells will continue to be available throughout the summer.  All queens are daughters of locally adapted breeder queens selected through the Ontario Resistant Honey Bee Selection program (ORHBS)

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Is this your first hive? It is highly recommended to take a workshop, read voraciously, or otherwise educate oneself. Beekeeping is a commitment, but well worth the effort!  A good source of information is the new University of Guelph beekeeping videos.

Check out the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association website for more info about nucs. Or click here to download the OBA’s Nuc Buyer’s Guide

Need beekeeping supplies?  No need to drive somewhere else. We carry a Beginner’s Beekeeping Kit as well as basic hive equipment. We only sell what we use ourselves.

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