Retail Locations

Owen Sound

Owen Sound Farmers’ Market

~ We will be returning to the market on April 21, 2018

Lawson’s Health First

Nutrition House, Heritage Mall

Central Variety, 314 8th Street East

Marine Convenience, 2535 3rd Ave West


Chatsworth Honey House

Grandma Lambe’s II

Williamsford General Store

Williamsford Pie Company

Other Locations

Chicory Common, Durham

Jabel’s Food Basket, Eugenia

Coffin Ridge Winery

Vail’s  Orchards, Meaford

Jet Variety, Meaford

Meaford Convenience, Meaford

Quaker Oaks Farm, Sebright, Ontario

Thin Blue Line, Toronto, Ontario  –Yes, Chatty honey is now available in Toronto!