Retail Locations


• Chatsworth Honey House   Summer hours: Mon.-Fri. 10-5, Sat. 10-3

 • Grandma Lambe’s II   Open 7 days a week May-November

• Variety Plus

• 6 & 10 Convenience

• Williamsford Pie Company


Owen Sound Farmers’ Market  April 2021: After 33 years, we have retired from the Owen Sound Farmers’ Market. A big thank you to all our loyal customers!  You can pick up our honey from many other downtown locations:

• Birgit’s Bakery Cafe  2nd Avenue, downtown Owen Sond

Lawson’s Health First 2nd Ave, downtown Owen Sound

• Nutrition House, Heritage Mall

• Central Variety, 314 8th Street East

• Marine Convenience, 2535 3rd Ave West

• Balmy Beach General Store


• Chicory Common, Durham

• Vail’s  Orchards, Meaford

• Jet Variety, Meaford

• Meaford Convenience, Meaford

• Quaker Oaks Farm, Sebright, Ontario

• Thin Blue Line, Toronto, Ontario  –Yes, Chatty honey is now available in Toronto!