Beekeeping Kits

ALL KITS INCLUDE: 1 bottom board, 1 inner cover, 1 lid, 1 metal queen excluder, 1 medium super with 9 frames & foundation.

* 4 frames removed to leave room for your 4 frame nuc

Inner Cover

Hive Lid

Bottom Board

Metal Queen Excluder

Screened Bottom Board

Deep Box (9 - 5/8") Assembled

Medium Box (6 - 5/8") Assembled

Deep Frame with Foundation Assembled

Medium Frame with Foundation Assembled

Deep Box with 10 frames Assembled (5% off!)

Medium Box with 9 frames Assembled (5% off!)

Quebec Bee Escape Board


Frame Puller

Hive Tool

Beekeeping Jacket

Beekeeping Hat & Veil

Beekeeping Gloves

Queen Clip

Bee Brush

Wellington Wrap

Order by Aug.15 for fall pick-up.

Hogan Wrap

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