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With decades of experience handed down from generation to generation and Ontario Resistant Honey Bee Selection (ORHBS)  Honey Bees, Chatsworth Honey produces 100% authentic unpasteurized delicious Ontario honey. If you don’t quite believe us you’ll have to try some of our varietal honey for yourself.

Our Ontario No. 1 honey is warmed gently and gravity strained through a screen cloth to remove beeswax and the odd bee’s knees. Our raw honey is double settled, unstrained, and freshly bottled after extracting. The only thing more natural is our comb honey, straight from the beehive.

Our Products

Some of our favourite products are listed below.
There is so much more to see under the shop menu as well.

Summer Flower

Pure liquid honey. Ontario No.1 Golden.

Raw Honey

Pure raw honey. Ontario No.1 White.

Autumn Blossom

Pure liquid honey. Ontario No.1 Golden.


Pure Grey County honey. Ontario No. 1 White.


Pure Grey County honey. Ontario No.1 Amber.

Comb Honey

Pure Ontario comb honey.


Pure beeswax in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Pure Ontario beeswax.

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